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Rules and Format 2018/19


1. Each club affiliated to Bowls Algarve may enter one team in the Competition.


2. All bowlers in the team must be bona fide members of their club and registered with Bowls Algarve. Short-term members are eligible to play, however prior registration with Bowls Algarve, of at least fourteen days, is required to signify valid membership and eligibility to play. Players may only represent one club.


3. Each Team will consist of two Rinks, each of which must comprise two Men and two Ladies. Each game will consist of two trial ends and eighteen ends of play. Rinks will toss for choice of jack and Dead Ends will be replayed.


4. The competition will be played with one Rink at Home and one Rink Away. There will be two points awarded for each winning rink and one point each for a drawn rink.  Two additional points will be awarded for the overall aggregate or one point for a draw.  Total points per fixture will be 6.

Competition Winners, at the end of the season, will be the team with the most points awarded.  In the event of a tied situation, shot difference will count.  Where shot difference is also tied, total shots scored will count.  Where total shots are equal, both rinks will play an extra end (or ends) until a difference in total shots is obtained. Note that this requires the two teams to communicate over the phone and to determine the overall result before leaving.

5. Fixtures must be played on the stipulated date. Each team must ensure that they have sufficient squad members to fulfil all their fixture obligations on the specified dates.


6. Any team unable to fulfil a fixture shall have 5 points and 10 shots deducted from their totals to date and all points available will be awarded to the opposition.  The opposition will also add 10 shots to their total shots to date.


7. If a team is able to field one full rink and only three players for the second rink, then the first two players of the “triple” may play three bowls each and the skip will play two bowls; their opponents will play the usual two bowls each. The “triple” will forfeit one quarter of their shots at the end of the game. Only one game may be played in this way, the other game must be full rinks.


8. If any team fields an ineligible player then, irrespective of the actual result of the rink affected, the team will be disqualified and rule 6 will apply.


9. All fixtures will start at 11.00 am. (Unless afternoon matches are necessary due to lack of available rink space or fixture congestion dictates otherwise). Should a team not be fully ready to play within thirty minutes of the agreed start time, then they shall forfeit the match and the provisions of Rule 6 shall apply.


10. Players are asked to wear full whites or Club colours for all Competition fixtures, however white or Club colours above the waist is acceptable. Flat bowling shoes must be worn by all players. Non-compliance in either respect may result in an official warning. Where such a warning has been issued, a subsequent contravention of the rule by the player will result in his/her disqualification. If he/she has played then the rink will forfeit one third of their score.


11. There will be a match fee of 7 euros per player. The visiting team will pay this amount to the home team and will be responsible for fees from any players failing to arrive. The home team may charge the match fee, or a proportion thereof, to their own players on a discretionary basis.


12. Rinks will be drawn from those available by visiting Captains before play commences.


13. If bad weather intervenes – and subject to the decision to cease play being made/agreed by the Home Club’s Management –both Rinks must complete a minimum of twelve ends to constitute a completed fixture. If they have done so, scores for ALL ends played will stand. If not, the match shall be declared suspended and the two teams shall agree a date to continue within fourteen days or as otherwise agreed with the Competition Organiser. The resumed match should preferably be played on the same rinks but two more trial ends will be permitted and any rink which had not completed 18 ends before the stoppage will play to the completion of 18 ends. In the event that a player is not available for the resumed match, a substitute is allowed in accordance with Crystal Mark Laws 32.4 and 33.4.


14. The Skips of each Rink shall keep a scorecard for their game, which shall be agreed and signed off by the two opposing skips after the match. Each team will retain their own scorecards in case of subsequent query.  Both sets of scorecards MUST contain the FULL CHRISTIAN AND SURNAME of each player.  Each team, by consulting the published list of eligible players, must satisfy themselves that the opposing team consists entirely of eligible players. If they are not satisfied, or are uncertain, they must raise a query with the Competition Organiser.


15. Teams are required to advise the result of each fixture to the Competition Organiser within 24 hours of the completed match. Competition result sheets will be circulated to all clubs as soon as practicable.


16. The Laws of the Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark Third Edition) shall govern all games. It is, however, hoped that the spirit of fair play and common sense will prevail in the event that the rules and these Laws do not cover a specific circumstance. Each Home team will provide an umpire, whose aim will be to resolve any dispute at the time. If no umpire is supplied the matter will be resolved by the captains. Where, however, resolution is not possible, disputes will be referred to the Competition Organiser, who, in conjunction with the League Director shall make a binding decision