The Club's Christmas bowling morning took place on Tuesday 11th December.  Many bowlers chose to ignore the strictures on correct attire outlined in the Members' Guide and dressed seasonally.  Father and Mrs Christmas were pictured outside the clubhouse and, at least, a couple of the elves were in attendance.  Sadly the grass on the green was too short to allow any grazing for the reindeer who were conspicuous by their absence.


Before the bowling began, bowlers posed with the new bench which commemorates John Shaw.  It will be a constant reminder of our late friend and fellow member.


After the morning's bowling Brian Holt emerged as the winner with Alan Hodgetts as runner-up and Lorna Bateman in third place.




Thirty-six bowlers gathered on the morning of Sunday 11th November 2018 for the Club's annual Poppy Day Competition.  Each team of three players played three seven end matches with each player taking it in turn to play in each position.  The weather treated us kindly with the promised rain staying away.  At the end of play the winners were Lorna Bateman, Bill MacLachlan and Russ Malin.  Despite his eyes being closed during the presentation ceremony, Bill MacLachlan firmly denied accusations of being asleep and assured our reporter that he was just resting after such unaccustomed exertion.  With entry fees, most unreasonable player fines levied by the organisers and the usual green fees donated by the Management, a total of 290€ was raised for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.






Matches began Monday 18th June with the final played on the 19th June. 


After 77 ends in total over the 2 days, congratulations go to the 2018 champion


Eddie Vine

2018 Finalists: Eddy Vine and Richard Walker. After a hard fought game, Eddie Vine was the eventual winner by 21-14

Lorna Bateman, committee member, presents the Lenny Matthews Trophy 2018 to Eddy Vine.