Alex Marshall visited Pedras on 3rd February 2019.


Alex with Tony Crawford, Dave Austin, Mary Mullane, Valerie and Brian Holt.








Alex with Thea Tushuizen, Elizabeth Harris still manage to be seen despite Peter Harris's efforts to blot them out.









Carole Hunter took her new bowls on to the green for the first time at roll-up on Sunday 18th November 2018.


Carole confided to our reporter that she was not really a 'pink' person but looking at the bowls and the trim on her jacket there seems to be room for some doubt.


Six happy bowlers reach a nail-biting last end.


Pedras's very own 'Voice of the Balls', Peter Harris works his alchemy to decide who will play with whom at the roll-up.


Easter Hat winners

The end of their 24hour marathon ... very well done

Ian & Graham

Fabulous ... if they get too close to the jack, you

distract them and I'll move it!!!