Touring Teams Results 2017



Wednesday 8th, 10-30am Guernsey W5,L0. 112-43


Thursday 9th, 10-30am Welwyn BC,  W6.L0. 180-54


Saturday 11th, 10-30am Rhiwbina BC, W5,D1,L1. 139-74


Sunday 12th, 2-00pm Simmo`s Tours,  W2,L2 69-70


Tuesday 14th, 2-00pm Welwyn BC, W3,L3. 97-83


Wednesday 15th, 1-30pm Crediton BC, W2,L2. 72-73


Saturday 18th, 1-30pm Sellindge BC, W5,L0. 105-54.


Sunday 19th, 10-30am Rhiwbina BC, W6,L1. 114-80.


Saturday 25th, 10-30am East Bergholt, W3,L1 68-58


Saturday 25th, 2-00pm Touring Group,  W4,L1 87-55.


Sunday 26th, 10-30am Harrogate BC W7,L1. 156-91




Wednesday 5th, 10-30am Merriott BC, W5,L1. 103-80.


Wednesday 19th, 10-30am Bognor Regis BC, W4,L2 103-83.


Thursday 20th, 10-00am Cardonald BC, W5,L1. 141-65.


Saturday 22nd, 10-30am High Wycombe BC,, Kate King group, played Cardonald.


Sunday 23rd, 10-30am Bookham BC,  W5,L1. 119-74.


Monday 24th, 10-30am Moonfleet BC,  W6,L2. 184-82.


Tuesday 25th, 10-30am John Tuckers Group, W1,L5. 78-103.


Wednesday 26th, 10-00am Cardonald BC, Fun Comp. 


Thursday 27th, 10-30am Aberdon Bowlers, W6,D1,L1 140-109.


Friday 28th, 2-00pm Bovingdon BC, W4,L1. 109-61.


Saturday 29th, 10-30am 47`ers BC,  W3,L1. 68-58.




Touring Teams Forthcoming Fixtures 2017




Thursday 28th, 10-30am Bognor Regis BC, rinks TBA, JT group.


Saturday 30th, 10-30am, Congresbury BC, 6 rinks, RS group.




Sunday 1st, 2-00pm Plymouth retired civil servants, 5 rinks RS group.


Monday 2nd, 10-30am Bishop Duppas BC, 8 rinks, RS group.


Tuesday 3rd, 10-30am Harpenden BC, BC, 5 rinks, RS group.


Wednesday 4th, 10-30am Bishop Duppas BC, RS group, playing Birstall BC, private party, 8 rinks TBA. Pedras to make up the difference for Birstall.


Thursday 5th, 10-30am Stoke Park BC, 8 rinks PT group.


Friday 6th , 2-00pm Topsham BC, 6 rinks, RS group.


Saturday 7th, 10-30am Birstall BC, rinks TBA, private group.


Sunday 8th, 2-00pm Hampden BC, 7 rinks, RS group.


Monday 9th, 10-30am Tonbridge BC, & Culm Vale BC 7 rinks, (4&3) RS group.


Tuesday 10th, 10-30am Meon Valley BC, 8 rinks, PT group.


Wednesday 11th. 1-30pm Chadwell St. Mary's BC, 8 rinks (34 bowlers extras playing for Pedras) CB group.


Thursday 12th, 10-30am Edinburgh Ladies v Pedras Ladies, 3 rinks, AB group.


Thursday 12th, 10-30am Hythe BC, 3 rinks, RS group.


Friday 13th, 10-30am, Lenham BC, 8 rinks, RS group.


Saturday 14th, 10-30am, Southend-on-Sea BC, 8 rinks, PT group.


Sunday 15th, 10-30am, VGCA Touring Week, 6 rinks, PT group.


Monday 16th, 10-30am, Nash Group 3 rinks v Ardagh Group 5 rinks RS & CB Groups, Nash Group borrow 8.


Tuesday 17th, 2-00pm, Bromley Town BC, 8 rinks, RS group.


Wednesday 18th, 10-30, Burgess Hill BC, 7/8 rinks, RS group.


Monday 30th, 10-00, Northaw & Cuffley BC 3 rinks, AB group.




Friday 3rd, 10-30am, Alloway BC, 3 rinks borrow 2, RS group.


Saturday 4th, 10-00am Northaw & Cuffley BC, 3 rinks, AB group.